blind dog jack, Personal Pom Prose

Blind Dog Jack, the beginning

I don’t think I have shared Jack’s story yet.  Sit back, grab a drink and some tissues.  Lord knows I’ll need some!  This will be a new weekly feature- the history of the Poms! To start, the Pom that started my social media journey, the late, great, never forgotten Blind Dog Jack, aka Jack (mostly known as Jack-Jack).  My heart dog.  His story will take a while to tell.  He has influenced my life so much and lead me on the path I am on now in so many ways.

*Cue Sophia Petrillo impression* Picture it, November, 2006. I helped my Mom’s friend adopt a Pomeranian from the now-defunct Smaller Paws & Pomeranians rescue and really hit it off with Jo, the founder of the rescue.  I mentioned I would love to foster.  It had only been a month or so since the sudden passing of my father, so it seemed like a good distraction to be able to help another dog out and help distract me from all of the emotions of losing my father. A few short weeks later, I got the call.

The first photo I received of Jack, then Pedro

There were 3 Poms they heard about in a kill shelter in rural Indiana.  They were all studs that had been received from a local puppy miller who was retiring.  The females he could sell to keep reproducing, the older males weren’t worth much, so he consented to relinquishing them.  Jo had pulled them a few days before and one of them, Pedro, wasn’t adapting well to life at the rescue.  Jo wanted him in a home environment to see how he would thrive.  Would I want to foster?  Of course I would!

The next day my Mom and I took the long drive to Jo’s in Indiana.  All we knew is that he was male, adult and had a “bad eye.” I was excited for my first foster, and excited to see how then 1.5 year old Parker would react.  I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

First thing we realized about Pedro was that the name had to go.  Since we were told he had a bad eye we decided on Jack, as in one eyed jack.  Parker thought Jack was amazing from the start.  Jack… took some convincing to become friends with his new foster brother.

From the start I knew Jack was special.  I don’t know what it was about him.  I just knew that he was meant to be mine.

Newly adopted Jack.  One of my all-time favorite photos.  Those soulful eyes.

Three days after we picked him up, on my birthday, I decided to make it official.  Jack was mine for good. Best birthday present ever.

Jack hadn’t been exposed to much in his life.  He spent most of the first six months or so in our family on the couch watching everything that happened.  He ate on the couch, he slept on the couch.  Everything happened on the couch.  He played with Parker some (not as much as Parker would have liked!), but mostly he just watched everything.

We had a connection from the start.  Jack was definitely 100% my dog.  I was just out of college and living with my Mom at the time.  Parker adores his Grandma.  He probably loves her as much as he loves me. Jack though, he was all mine.  He loved Grandma but I was the most special person in the universe to him.  I needed him to help me through the grieving process of losing my father as much as he needed me to help him get out of the puppy mill mindset.


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