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Winter Dog Prep!

Winter is quickly approaching.  Here in Chicago we’re expecting snow this weekend! I even had to turn the furnace on today! That reminded me it was time to do a little preparation and checking stock of last year’s gear to get us ready for winter time!

Check your dog’s closet!

Maybe your pup doesn’t literally have a closet, but it’s still a good idea to check their winter gear.  How did it hold up after last winter? Any repairs that need to be made? Anything that needs to be replaced?  Does everything still fit? 20841097_10108784559833608_6840643165403987730_nMuch to Parker’s chagrin we’re getting out their winter paraphernalia and checking for fit and wear and tear.  I also take stock in how much Musher’s Secret I have and how many sets of Pawz Dog Boots I have on hand.  Both sell out in stores really quickly when the weather gets bad, so I like to keep a supply on hand.  Pawz are also great for rain and heat! Paw protection is serious business during the winter.  Road salt is abrasive and can burn paws!

My dog doesn’t need clothes!

Alas, they do!  Yes dogs have more hair than us, but they still can get cold! Especially when it’s snowy out.  Wet hair gets cold quicker, so keeping them dry on rainy or snowy days is super important.  If you’re more into utilitarian gear, RC Pet Products Packable Rain Poncho will help keep them dry on wet fall and winter days. If you’re into utilitarian AND super cute my favorite, favorite sweaters are by Chilly Dog. They’re Fair Trade, 100% wool and super warm!  They last FOREVER with proper washing.  Parker has Chilly Dog sweaters that are YEARS old and still look amazing.  Oliver is wearing Jack and Baci’s hand-me-downs and Rachel is wearing Bebe’s.  I love that they last through generations!

Get them groomed!

Proper grooming will help release packed undercoat allowing for warm air to trap near their skin, keeping your pup warmer in the cold weather.  Make sure you seek out de-shedding packages at your groomer or try a product like Furminator de-shedding shampoo if you want to do it at home. If you choose to diy your dog grooming make sure they’re super dry before taking them outside.  A super absorbant Shammy  will help get rid of the excess bath water! Be careful if you use a human hairdryer on your dog.  Make sure it’s set on the COOL setting only! Even the warm setting can be too hot for your dog’s skin.

Just a little bit of work can get you prepared for this winter. Don’t wait until it’s already cold to prepare!  Stores have their best selection of apparel right now.  Don’t forget to take your dog with you to get the proper fit! After a decade in pet retail I still make mistakes on sizing for the Poms when they’re not with me!

What are your favorite tips to get ready for the winter?

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