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Welcome Ye Olde Pirate Pom!

The day has come and gone. The day that Parker had his left eye removed. It’s a day I had been anticipating, dreading for nearly a month. The Poms have gone through a lot of surgeries and treatments over the years- patella surgeries, Bebe’s pacemaker, Jack’s radiation- but I have never had to take a piece from them before.

“He sure doesn’t want to keep that eye, does he?” were the words from his Ophthalmologist after an ulcer occurred in his left eye for the umpteenth time. This time the ulcer reoccurred during a course of steroids specifically meant to stop him from continuing to get ulcers in that eye.

Pre-surgery trip to Fair Oaks Farms Dog Park

That’s when the e-word was brought up- enucleation. Removal of the eye.

We set the date- October 2nd- with my Mom’s vet. She is very experienced in surgery, and we trust her immensely. I sent down all of the paperwork from the vet I work for along with the ophthalmologist. During the time between making the appointment and the day coming we healed the ulcer, however temporarily, and his eye looked very normal. There was increased tearing and blinking, but if you weren’t looking for it, it would be easy to not notice. Walking Parker in to that hospital to have his eye removed was one of the hardest things I have ever done as a pet parent.

We waited anxiously for an update. Around 3pm Dr. Sam called and said everything went well, but she wanted to keep him overnight. In the past Parker, who is epileptic, has had seizures after anesthetic procedures. So, better safe than sorry, she wanted to keep him to watch him. Part of me was anxious to see him and wanted to go visit him or just say “no thanks, we’ll pick him up!”

Picking Parker up from the hospital- he was ready for some ice cream!

But I knew it was in his best interest to be watched overnight. If he did have seizures like he has previously I would have just ended up waking her up to see him anyways!

Thankfully he didn’t and Parker came home the next day. Since that day he has been WILD! Back to acting like a puppy! It was obvious to us once Parker got home how much that eye must have hurt. Once he was home and started playing with Oliver and snuggling on the couch with us that he hadn’t done those things for a while. He had been staying in our bedroom and sleeping a lot- probably because the eye hurt so much.

Parker is not keeping to himself in our bedroom anymore!  He has been wrestling with Oliver, running around (even getting zoomies right after surgery!) and overall just SO MUCH HAPPIER.  We’re still getting used to seeing him with one eye, but I think he wears it well!

Today was Parker’s post-surgery recheck.  Since I don’t have the time off to take him back to the doctor who did it (although I did email her photos and an update!), the awesome doctor I work for took out the stitches and examined him.  Dr. A is super happy with how Parker’s face is healing and removed the stitches!  He’ll spend the next week in the cone  just to make sure it heals well because he’s trying to rub his face on EVERYTHING if it’s not on!  Overall, she’s very happy with how he’s acting (like a super crazy wild old man!) now that he’s healed and is glad we went ahead and did the surgery.

2 thoughts on “Welcome Ye Olde Pirate Pom!”

  1. Great news.. I have 2 dogs and I know how hard it was for you to leave him. You guys have done such an awesome job with all the poms and did the very best for Parker. He seens to be recovering well.. love ❤️❤️❤️To all..


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