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Hard Decisions

It’s been a rough fight with Parker’s left eye the past few months. Since the morning of our wedding reception in May when he had his first eye infection, to the constant battles against corneal ulcers and discovering that he cannot see out of his left eye, the past few months have been difficult for us and most importantly, for Parker.

Our daily routine has consisted of multiple eye drops and ointments along with anti-inflammatory medications, then we stepped up to oral steroids.IMG_1040 Nothing has kept the eye happy for more than a few weeks at a time. Once fine with the medications, Parker is starting to try to run from us when he sees us with the bottles.

Upon consulting with his veterinary ophthalmologist yesterday, we decided it is in Parker’s best interest to remove his left eye.  Why?

Firstly, Parker’s age.  Remember he is 12 years old. Right now his blood work is perfect and his anesthesia risk is very low. Secondly, he can’t see out of that eye anyways.  Why continue to fight pain in an eye that can’t see? Corneal ulcers are very, very painful and the medication only alleviates some of the pain.

He is also at huge risk for developing glaucoma, an incredibly painful condition caused by increased eye pressure. If that was to happen, we would have to take his eye anyways. We are on constant watch to make sure he doesn’t develop glaucoma, which would become an emergency situation.

Basically, he is healthy, he can’t see out of that eye, so let’s get him out of pain.  Was it an easy decision to make? Yes and no. It’s never easy to decide to put a pup through surgery, but it is the most definitive way make to keep him happy, healthy and pain-free. Removing the eye will get him out of pain and it will never have the chance to return. I would rather do it now while he is healthy than wait until he is older and not as healthy to put him through surgery, potentially in an emergency situation.

We are being very careful about who is doing the surgery (the same doctor that saved Grandma’s Chihuahua, Clyde, in July) and aren’t doing it immediately. We are taking our time and planning it for next month, when I can take a few days off of work to spend with him. The beautiful thing is after the little bit of pain from the surgery stops, he will stop having pain from there and we will never have to worry about it coming back!

We always knew enucleation (eye removal) was a huge risk for Jack with all of his eye problems, we never thought about for Parker! We know how ever difficult it is for us to watch, he will be out of pain and back to his smiley, happy self in no time, which is the most important thing. Plus now he has a built-in permanent Halloween costume- Pirate Pom Parker!

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