Look at that!

“Oh my gawd, he is so cute!” says the sweet elderly lady as she tries approaches Oliver. I look down at my side, where Oliver was and feel the familiar tug on the leash as he backs away, eyes straight on the approaching human.  “Sorry,” I apologize as I try to step in front of … More Look at that!

Anticipatory Grief

The date has been set- October 2nd.  That’s the date where Parker will undergo enucleation (removal) of his left eye.  While I know it’s the right decision, I can’t help but be sad. Anticipatory grief is the grief reaction that happens prior to an impeding loss. It’s not that I am grieving losing Parker all … More Anticipatory Grief

Hard Decisions

It’s been a rough fight with Parker’s left eye the past few months. Since the morning of our wedding reception in May when he had his first eye infection, to the constant battles against corneal ulcers and discovering that he cannot see out of his left eye, the past few months have been difficult for … More Hard Decisions

Dental Health 101!

Did you know that by age 3 most dogs show signs of dental disease? Small dogs having a high incidence of dental disease, I am always aware of taking care of the Poms teeth! We use a multi-modal approach with the Poms: different types of at-home care along with professional veterinary dental cleanings. At-home care … More Dental Health 101!