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DIY Dog Beds!

One of my favorite things to do is craft.  I’m not the most skilled crafter, it’s something I’m still working on, but that doesn’t keep me from trying tons of Pinterest projects!  My favorite so far is making beds for the Poms!


What you need:

-Fleece!  Watch out for sales at big box craft stores.  I find JoAnn Fabrics has the best price in my area.

-A ruler

-Scissors.  SUPER SHARP.  I like pinking shears, although they’re not totally necessary considering fleece won’t fray.  Just make sure your scissors are sharp!

-Filler.  Because of the Poms size I used pillows- easy to wash and easily contained fluff!  You can use either old pillows or we got new ones on sale at our local big-box retailer. I also made an orthopedic bed for Oliver using a cut-down egg crate for a mattress. You can also use poly fill for larger dogs!

Let’s get to crafting!

Step 1: Measure your fabric!



You’ll need 8″ larger than the filler you chose to cover. I found layering the fleece then measuring and cutting to be the best method. You can also put straight pins every few inches to keep it super still.  Some fleece has more stretch than others.  You don’t need to be super exact, though! Just make sure you have 8 extra inches.  If it’s not super straight, eh. You won’t notice.  And if you do, you can always trim it later.



Step 2: Start cutting!

Starting four inches from the corner, start making four inch long, one inch wide cuts.


I found it easiest to keep the ruler at 4″ from the bottom I could easily measure one inch between cuts.  Continue cutting leaving a 4″ square at the corner of each side.   Once you switch sides, cut off the 4″ corners and put it to the side- we’ll craft with those again another day!  Keep cutting strips on all four sides.

3.  Start tying!  Simple double knots.


Try to keep the layers lined up so you’re tying the same ones together. Once you’re through with a long side and a short side, insert your stuffing of choice, then keep tying! IMG_1715.JPGWhat about those corners? Make sure you tie tightly, but they’ll create nice corners around the stuffing!


4. Check out your handy-work!

IMG_1719 (1).JPG

Look at that beauty! Handmade, easy to wash and made with care for your pups (or kitties!) Just fluff and leave down for your pet to enjoy!




IMG_1681 (1).JPGIMG_1723 (1)

Special appearances by Piglet (top) an Penny (bottom).  Honorary Poms and lovers of DIY dog beds!


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