Oliver the Afraid

Sweet Oliver.  He definitely did not have the best beginning.  From what we can cobble together he went from a puppy mill to a pet store, ended up at a shelter where he was adopted at 5 months old, then we got him as an owner relinquishment at 11 months. That’s a LOT for any … More Oliver the Afraid

DIY Dog Beds!

One of my favorite things to do is craft.  I’m not the most skilled crafter, it’s something I’m still working on, but that doesn’t keep me from trying tons of Pinterest projects!  My favorite so far is making beds for the Poms! What you need: -Fleece!  Watch out for sales at big box craft stores. … More DIY Dog Beds!

The Story of Oliver

Today we celebrate two years of Oliver being part of our family.  It seems like yesterday I got a call from Kim, head of Central Ohio Pomeranian Rescue ,about an owner surrender in the south suburbs of Chicago.  I was told he was almost a year old, had basic obedience training and was overweight. From … More The Story of Oliver