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Bebe Belle’s Adoptaversary

This weekend we celebrated Bebe Belle’s 9th adoptaversary.  Bebe has been gone almost two years now, which is incredibly hard to believe, but I still wanted to mark the occasion considering all of the amazing lessons she taught me over the course of our 7 years together.

Bebe Belle, fka Morgan, was adopted through the now-defunct Smaller Paws & Pomeranians rescue.  She had been found running stray in front of a well-known puppy mill in Indiana with a large hernia- maybe a release as she couldn’t have any more puppies, or maybe she escaped.  We’ll never know.

Just adopted Bebe Belle

Either way, she was found, ended up at Smaller Paws and listed on their Petfinder page.  I saw her and knew she had to be part of our family.

My Mom was not thrilled to find out I would be adding a third Pom to my pack.  She had to work the day I was going to Smaller Paws, so she enlisted the help of Jane, a family friend who had also adopted from them (and was the reason I had Jack!), to make the 4 hour round trip with me.  We took Jack, Parker and Izzy (her SP & P rescue) with us on the trip.

We got to Jo, the head of Smaller Paws house, and I first laid eyes on her.  She was in an ex-pen pattycaking for attention.  At that moment I knew Morgan was mine. We put her in Jo’s yard where Jack, Parker and Izzy were waiting.

Bebe and Jack loved riding in their car seat together

They sniffed each other and started walking around the yard like they had been friends forever. Bebe and Jack especially were bonded, and stayed that way.

Bebe Belle, as we then named her when I wanted to name her Belle and my Mom Bebe, turned out to be quite a project! Her formative years spent at a puppy mill producing countless puppies left her with very little human contact or socialization. I wanted to snuggle and pet my new pommy princess and she wanted to be left alone.  Years in a cage meant Bebe had no sense of cleanliness.  She would potty and lay in it, even with an unlimited area to be in.  So many years in a cage meant Bebe had many fears of open areas.  She would find a line in the hardwood floor she “couldn’t” go past.  Bebe was definitely a challenge! It took years for her to overcome all of her fears, but she did.  She became the toughest girl ever as she fought hard against a heart that didn’t want to work.

One of Bebe’s favorite things was FOOD!  Every adoptaversary we celebrated with a chicken McNugget and a couple fries.  This year Oliver got the honor of eating them for her.” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Check out the video of Oliver eating them here!

We miss you so much, Bebe!



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