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PuppyUp! Foundation Walk

I am very excited to sign up for this year’s Chicago leg of the PuppyUp! Foundation fundraising walk here in Chicago!  What is the PuppyUp! foundation?  It is an amazing foundation started in 2008 by Luke Robinson.  He and his canine companions Hudson and Murphy walked across the country after the loss of his Great Pyrenees to cancer.

2013 PuppyUp! Walk.  Jack-Jack and his pal Dosha

Since then they have given hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants to major universities for research. One of their objectives is “broadening our understanding of the links between human and companion animal cancer,” and they have even funded grants for a comparative oncology study at Princeton and the University of Pennsylvania utilizing treating mammary tumors in shelter dogs and using that tissue to help understand how breast cancer spreads in humans.  Amazing! This is just one of the numerous grants they have given over the years!

We were able to be part of the PuppyUp Walk in 2013 and we are so happy to be able to again!  It will definitely be a tough day without Jack-Jack there, but Oliver and Rachel will walk proudly in his foot steps!

How can you help the cause?

-Join our team!  Send me an email at katie (at) or a fb message through Blind Dog Jack & Family!

-Help us Fundraise! Check out our fundraising page on the PuppyUp! site!

-See if there’s a PuppyUp! walk in your area!

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