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Shed Happens!

One of the best things about having Pomeranians is their glorious coat.  One of the worst things about Pomeranians is their glorious coat! Why? Coat blowing!

Parker, Rachel and Oliver don’t shed very much except for their twice-early coat blows. Once those start- watch out!  Tumbleweeds of Pommy hair find their way onto everything- clothes, our car, even our ceiling fans!  Here are a few ways we deal with the fur explosion!

  1. Self Dog Washes!
    Parker before- so much undercoat!!

    When they’re not blowing their coat we usually throw the dogs in the sink or the tub (big boy O) when they need a scrub.  Easy, free, done. During coat blowing time spending the extra time and a few dollars on a self-service dog wash is a MUST!  The high velocity dryers make a huge difference in getting out tons of Pommy undercoat!  One of our favorite local dog washes is Doggy Style Pet Shop!



2. De-shedding conditioner


All products are not equal!  I’ve tried many products to help make shedding season easier and Nature’s Specialties EZ-Shed is by far my favorite! It’s totally natural, unlike many de-shedding products.  EZ-Shed is super moisturizing to both the skin and hair, something I find really necessary during shedding season.  It isn’t cheap, but it has a high dilution ratio so it lasts FOREVER!  Even diluted it’s nice and thick- almost a lotion consistency.  It holds on to the hair, strengthens the coat and releases the dead hair.  EZ-Shed is incredibly important when it comes to keeping the tumble-hairs away!

3. Brush-a, Brush-a, Brush-a!

Having the right tools for the job makes it a lot easier.  EZ-Shed is #1, my Oscar Frank slicker brush is right behind it! It’s super light, and the curve helps reduce hand fatigue.

41A3j0L-OzL._SY355_.jpg Trust me, you can get some hand fatigue when brushing out 1 blowing Pommy coat, let alone 3! The pins aren’t super sharp (a plus for sensitive skinned pups!), but they are close enough to really grip the hair.  It even gets through Oliver’s lamb-y alopecia coat, which is saying a lot! I have other slickers (some more expensive) that just bounce off of his tight lamb-like woolly coat.


4.  Coat care from the inside, out!

Shampoo and conditioner only helps coat quality on the outside.  Great quality fish oil, like Grizzly Salmon Oil helps coats from the inside out!  Salmon oil not only helps the 974cab4f-487c-4d47-8599-54c63a9feba2.jpg._CB321875213__SL300__coat, it is anti-inflammatory so it helps joints and allergies.  It also boosts the immune system and strengthens the heart and brain. It’s one of those Must Feed supplements in our house. Salmon oil is not only high in omegas, it is also high in arachidonic acid.  Spider acid? Not quite! Arachidonic acid is a polyunsaturated fatty acid found in the brain, muscles and the liver that is necessary for muscle repair and neurological health. Adding Salmon Oil to your dog’s diet will improve their overall health!

The result…


We still have a lot more brushing and some major paw trimming to do, but we accomplished removing a TON of dead coat! I find that it takes a few good brushing sessions to get all of the hair out.  Parker was pretty tired after 45 minutes of bathing and drying, so I got out as much coat as I could before he needed a rest! Another big brushing session and he should be finished with this season’s blow!

Just a head’s up- this post contains affiliate links, so I make a small percentage if you buy from my links.  Just goes towards vet bills for the Poms 🙂





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