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Fun at Fair Oaks!

A few months ago I saw on the Facebook page of Fair Oaks Farms that they were opening a dog park and I may have stalked their Facebook page for updates! Fair Oaks is an amazing sustainable farm and dairy with a learning center, restaurant, cheese and ice cream shop (my favorite parts!) and more.  Now they also have a dog park!  We pass Fair Oaks on the way to Grandma’s house in Indiana.  It’s almost half way, so it’s been a place we stop for human potty breaks and leg stretching, now we can also stop for the Poms as well!

From the entrance of the large dog area! It’s huge and beautiful!

We had the opportunity to stop at Central Bark recently and we were not disappointed! There’s a small dog area and large dog area, both well sized for romping and fun.  We were the only people and pups there, so we took on the large dog area!

They really thought of everything when designing Central Bark! There is agility equipment, shade, and

Step on the button on top for fresh water!

really cool foot-controlled fresh water bowls.  The grass is immaculately maintained and they were thoughtful enough to put hay down at the entrance so when it is rain it keeps the entrance from becoming a mud pit!

It was a hot day- almost in the 90s, and super windy- but that didn’t keep Parker, Oliver and Rachel from running around like CRAZY! The shelter at the far end was a God send during our visit.  It was so nice to rest without the sun beating down on us!  Parker really enjoyed spending some time in the shade between zoomie sessions.

Parker in the shade!

Rachel and Oliver really loved the agility platform at the top of the hill.  It was great for catching some wind in their hair!

We will definitely be back to Central Bark at Fair Oaks farms often! Visit Fair Oaks Farms at:

Fair Oaks Farms
856 N 600 E
Fair Oaks, IN 47943

Rachel with the wind in her hair… err, fur!

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