Personal Pom Prose, Rachel

A new addition

In those hard days after Jack’s passing I was so happy to have something to look forward to- picking up the 3 mill girls and swapping them for Bristol and 2 others. The date quickly approached, and my Mom and I made our way to the Purdue University airport for the first part of the mission.

The three little mill girls were just that- little!  They were so scared after months at a shelter then being flown to Indiana.  They were gorgeous, and very freaked out.  They arrived late in the evening, and spent that night with me in my bedroom at my Mom’s house.

Early the next morning we got ready for the 2 or so hour drive to the Indiana/Ohio border.  We packed up the little mill girls and got in the car.  My nerves were raw.  As excited as I

The three little mill girls!

was at the prospect of adding a new pup to the family, knowing it was because of the loss of my heart dog was bittersweet.

When we got to the drop off spot, we exchanged the little mill girls for Bristol, Olivia and Jackson. The following day we were to drive Olivia and Jackson to Chicago to meet their new families.

It had been decided in the previous week that Bristol wasn’t going to fly as a name.  It was a mouthful.  Being from Georgia, I had originally wanted to change her name to something southern, but we couldn’t find anything we both liked.  I randomly came up with Rachel, and it stuck!

Rachel was pretty worried at first.  It was a big adjustment for her!  She had gone to a stray picked up by the police and taken to a shelter, spent a few months at the shelter, then a great foster home in Georgia, to a day in Ohio then to us.  That’s a LOT! Rachel immediately took to my 95 year old Grandma.  She ended up sitting with her most of the time her first few days.

Rachel, Olivia & Parker

Parker was THRILLED. He loves having new dogs around. He’s Mr. Social butterfly- as long as he’s off leash.  Olivia was super tiny- only about 5lbs- and very shy.  She immediately took to my then boyfriend (now husband) and snuggled in his lap.  Jackson… He was a spitfire!  He was a total wild man and super fun to be around.

The next day we delivered Jackson and Olivia to their new families.  We were sad to see them go!  We had gotten attached to them in just a short amount of time.

Rachel very slowly adjusted to her new life.  We learned that she loves to play fetch and she loves snow!  She may be a southern belle, but she loves snow!

About two months later we got a call from Kim, the director of Central Ohio Pom Rescue.  Olivia, who had been renamed Lily, needed to be picked up.  Her adoptive family no longer wanted her.  Unfortunately with owner relinquishments time is generally of the essence.  We jumped in the car and drove an hour and a half to pick her up.  I called my Mom on the way, and she was astounded.  As were we!  Who wouldn’t want a tiny, cute Pom? She was quiet as could be and just so sweet.  My Mom decided to adopt her, and now she’s also a permanent part of our Pom Family!

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