Sometimes, when you least expect it you find love.

For some reason, after we said our final good byes to Jack, my mom decided we needed to go to Cracker Barrel.  When we were waiting for Jack to finish his radiation treatments or doctor’s appointments we would go to Cracker Barrel for meals.  I guess she just thought it felt right.

Having just lost my heart dog I was in no mood to eat, despite my undying love for chicken ‘n dumplins. Instead, while my Mom and boyfriend (now husband) picked at their platters I was playing on Facebook, trying to keep myself from crying in a public place.  That’s when I spotted Bristol, a black Pom being fostered in Georgia.

I had no intentions of looking at other dogs an hour after saying goodbye to Jack.  Then I spotted a sad looking dog in a photo. Something about the intense stare of the big eared, shiny black Pom in the photo caught my eye.  Named Bristol at the time, she was up for adoption with our friends at Central Ohio Pomeranian Rescue.

Bristol in a photo from the Georgia shelter

So, I emailed my friend Kim, the director of Central Ohio Pom Rescue.  She told me that Bristol was found as a stray in Cobb County, Georgia.  She had spent a few months in the shelter looking for a home, then was pulled by COPR.  Bristol was scheduled to be transported to Ohio just a few days later. If we wanted to foster her, we were welcome to, said Kim.

After some major discussions with my then-boyfriend, now husband, we decided to foster Bristol.  COPR and Pawsitively Pom Rescue, another rescue we adore, were trying to get 3 tiny mill rescue Poms out of a shelter in Illinois.  They had been relinquished with a few other Poms, and all had heart worm.  There were only three left because the others has passed from lack of heart worm treatment.

A flurry of phone calls later, it was decided.  The little mill girls would be flows via Pilots & Paws, an amazing organization, to us in Indiana a few days later.  We would overnight them, then take them to a meeting point on the Indiana/Ohio border where we would pick up Bristol, along with 2 other Poms- Olivia and Jackson- who had adoptive homes not far from us in Chicago.

What happened? Stay tuned!


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