Personal Pom Prose

The Pom That Started It All…

As a child I dreamed of one day having a Pomeranian of my own.  A cute little floofy ball full of Pommy-tude.  And that’s what I got when I adopted Parker!  Only 9 weeks old and my first dog ever, Parker was a challenge!  Parker had tummy issues (as I’ll talk about later), and was so smart.  He excelled at Puppy Kindergarten and since has received his CGC, BA and MA.

Parker at 6 months old.

Parker had some pretty serious tummy issues as a puppy.  He was even diagnosed with Failure to Thrive at one point, which is crazy to think about since he’s so fit and healthy now!  After tons of food trials with prescription food, grain free kibbles and canned I finally learned about raw food when Parker was almost a year old.

I did a ton of research, devouring every book, blog and message board I could about how to feed raw.  It made sense- feed them what they’re designed to eat.  I just needed to make sure I was giving him EVERYTHING he needed.  Finally, I decided I was ready.  I gave Parker his first raw chicken leg right before his first birthday.

And guess what? No icky stomach. No bad poops.  No vomiting!  It was a MIRACLE.  Or just that he was eating as he was supposed to!

Parker will be 12 this upcoming June.  Totally crazy to think about!  He has moved with me countless times, traveled all around the country, been through the unexpected passing of my father with me, handled the losses of Jack and Bebe with me.  He’s my dude.  My Parker P.  He enjoys spending every day barking out the window at passers-by, playing wrestlemania with Oliver and asking for belly rubs.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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