Who are you, anyways?

Who are you, anyways?

Who am I and why am I writing this blog, right? I’m Katie. (*waving*). First off, I’m a pet parent.  I’m currently owned by 3 Pomeranians- Rachel, Oliver and Parker, too many cats, a horse, an aquatic turtle and a couple of Betta fish.

I started microblogging on Instagram around 3 years ago.  My dog Jack was a blind, puppy mill rescue who survived cancer, so who WOULDN’T want to see his cute, smiling face!  Skatie-p-2014-81-of-139o I started Blind Dog Jack , then came our Facebook page, Blind Dog Jack & Family.

My “real” job has included almost 10 years in the retail pet industry.  In my spare time I love crafting and making treats for my dogs. Since starting the Instagram and Facebook I’ve been doling out tons of advice to fellow pet parents who have come to me for help, be it with nutrition, owning a senior pet, cancer, rescue… The list goes on and on.  So, I’m putting it all in one place, a girl and her poms.  We won’t just cover Pomeranians, either!  Being a small dog owner they’re definitely my forte, but I don’t discriminate!

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